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That time passengers were told to give up their seats for United's CEO and his family

Passengers on a flight from Aspen to Chicago say United wanted to move people from first class to make room the airline's CEO, Oscar Munoz.

There's a hidden boost for earnings this year

S&P 500 earnings are expected to grow roughly 10%, led by roughly 15% gains in the two largest sectors, Technology and Financials.

The market fear index is surging to a post-Trump high, and here’s why

A rare condition known as "backwardation" speaks to traders' anxiety over the upcoming French election.

All eyes on the Fed: How a quarter-point rise in interest rates can hit your wallet

Get ready to pay more to borrow. When it comes to economics, certainty is usually elusive, but in the case of the expected decision by the Federal Reserve to raise short-term interest rates by a quarter-point on Wednesday, the impact on consumers is clear. ''It will be a direct pass-through to credit card holders,'' said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst with...

What you don't know about your 401(k) can cost you big bucks

Taking time to understand some key aspects of tax-deferred 401(k) retirement plans can help you make smarter decisions for building your nest egg.

Beijing's environmental initiatives may mean blue skies for China investors

China's government is using popular worries about pollution to push for radical changes in the industrial and energy sectors, and investors may benefit.

Trader explains the ‘uber-bullish scenario’ everyone is missing

As one benchmark European stock market makes new highs, technical analyst Ari Wald senses a prime opportunity — in the United States.

Gold steadies after hitting 5-month peak as political tensions simmer

Gold climbed to a 5-month high on Wednesday, extending its nearly 2 percent gains from the previous session, as investors shifted to safe-haven assets.

Here are two signs that investors are getting worried about the U.S. economy

Some market moves across asset classes are indicating that optimism may be waning.

This chart shows why Tesla’s big rally may just be getting started

Shares of the automaker could see further upside following a big upgrade, according to one technical analyst.

The rise of ETFs may be a cause of record-low volatility

In recent months, volatility has plunged, and passive investing has spiked. Are the two trends related?

Obscure index could hold the key to the market's next move

It's a Taiwanese index that could prove a good barometer for stocks going forward.

The market had a very strange reaction to this morning's jobs report

The U.S. dollar had a unique reaction to the employment miss.

Bullish strategist Bob Doll is ‘cautious’ on the market – here’s why

In the medium and long term, Doll is constructive on equities and risk assets. But he is growing "increasingly cautious" in the short term.

Gold’s heading higher, and here’s how I’m playing it: Technical trader

Meeting minutes from the Fed have one trader seeing volatile markets ahead, and that has him betting on a gold rally.

Strategist Ed Yardeni: Bonds have not ‘bought into’ the big rally

Bond yields have sunk lately, which could suggest trepidation about the U.S. economy.

Emerging markets will keep crushing the US, traders say

Emerging markets funds could see further upside after logging a stellar first quarter, according to traders betting on emerging markets’ growth.

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