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Politics And Our Ocean Future

How do we protect or improve existing agreements? How do we persuade lawmakers and political leaders of their critical, enduring value and the ongoing ne...

If We Want A Clean Environment, Facts Matter

Will data needed for decision-making soon be replaced with “alternative facts?”

Let's Break The Illusion That Universities Actually Want To Fix Climate Change

They want it to go away -- or to use it for public relations -- but they don’t particularly care about fixing it.

Arctic Oil And Environmental Legacy In The Crosshairs

Within a day, all references to climate change were deleted from the White House website.

3 Ways Young People Can Come Together To Fight Climate Change

With the climaxing threats, climate change is putting the future of the world in evident disasters. Should the owners of the future sit back? Ac...

Wading Into the Amazon Rainforest In Search Of Illegal Logging

We waded into the river. The unit leader said to watch for Piranha, and all the men nodded. I never was sure if he was serious or just said it ...

Why The March For Science And People's Climate March Are Important

In the next few weeks, millions of people will mobilize to take part in several marches, two most notably: The March for Science (on April 22, 2017, in W...

Bold Action For Environmental Protections Under Attack

What has gone wrong? Why has the true value of clean air and water, of sustainable exploitation of natural resources, of alternative forms of energy, of ...

Moms Exposed To Monsanto Weed Killer Means Bad Outcomes For Babies

Researchers tested and tracked 69 expectant mothers.

Public Land Is A Civil Right

Congress started its 115th session this week. Much of the country was focused on the “big” issues: the battle between our president-elect and the intelli...

Planet-Centred Design: A Mindset Shift For Engaging Complexity

Building empathy for each of the components within our world will always lead to better, holistic and sustainable outcomes.

The Fate Of New York's Plastic Bag Fee Could Be The Shape Of Environmental Legislation To Come

Do you ever feel like maybe not a plastic bag? Earlier this week, the New York State Senate voted in favor of a bill to ban fees on non-reusable pla...

Senate votes to kill Obama contractor rule

The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule requires would-be federal contractors to disclose wage and safety violations.

Tea party gains voice in Trump’s Cabinet with budget chief

The tea party wing of the GOP gained a voice in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet on Thursday when Mick Mulvaney was sworn in as director of the White House budget office.

New EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide not primary cause of global warming

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said measuring the effect of human activity on the climate is "very challenging."

How Plastic Bottles Benefit ExxonMobil

The production of plastics now accounts for 6 percent to 8 percent of all oil consumption globally.

Financial Heavyweights Call For Emissions Disclosure, But Is It Enough?

The private sector must play its part in the race to keep a global temperature rise below 2 degrees.

Grizzly Bears Belong In Washington’s North Cascades

Grizzly bears are vital components of healthy ecosystems and an important keystone species.

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