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Israel’s One-State Reality

Amid an atmosphere of increasing intolerance, Israel’s conservative President calls for civility—and pays a price. David Remnick reports.

Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast

Guided by a lusty appetite for indigenous culture and cuisine, the swaggering chef has become a travelling statesman.

When Things Go Missing

Reflections on two seasons of loss. 

Becoming Steve Bannon’s Bannon

How Julia Hahn got from the University of Chicago to Breitbart to the White House. 

“The Prairie Wife”

Fiction: “Kirsten’s commute is when she really focusses on whether she has the power to destroy Lucy Headrick’s life.”

Becoming an American Under Trump

After Trump signed his executive order, nine young women met at the Arab-American Family Support Center, in Brooklyn, to study for the citizenship exam.

Lions of Los Angeles

Are the city’s pumas dangerous predators or celebrity guests?

The Second Avenue Subway Is Here!

The début of New York’s newest train line took place at noon on New Year’s Day—ninety-seven years after it was first conceived. 

“A United Kingdom” Is Nourishing and Mild

With every hint of romance wrapped in layers of tough constitutional politics, does it even qualify as a love story?

The Absorbing Nightmare of “Legion” 

The FX show provides the backstory of a fringe X-Man who was once deemed too disturbing to be part of the team. 

The Enigmatic Art of Raymond Pettibon

His robust pictures and refined prose suggest at once the sagacity of an old mind and the vulnerability of a young heart. 

Refugees in America

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Viet Thanh Nguyen tells stories about people poised between their devastated homeland and their affluent adopted country.

Capturing James Baldwin’s Legacy Onscreen

With “I Am Not Your Negro,” Raoul Peck seems to be stepping in to make the movie that Baldwin couldn’t.

George Saunders Gets in Lincoln’s Head

“Lincoln in the Bardo,” the writer’s first foray into longer fiction, is a stunning depiction of the sixteenth President’s psyche.

Covering the Cops

How Edna Buchanan, Miami’s top crime reporter, gets the story.

Is This Hygge?

Shouts & Murmurs: I hold the mug with both hands. This has got to be hygge.

Trump’s Radical Anti-Americanism

As the President rejects our foundational principles, all we can turn to is our instinct for shared defiance.

The Gelernt Siblings’ High-Profile Cases

Michelle spent Inauguration Day defending El Chapo. A week later, her brother Lee argued with the A.C.L.U. against Trump’s “Muslim ban.”

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