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A tantalizing fixed-income alternative

Looking for a way to spruce up your fixed income portfolio? Preferred share ETFs could be the answer

Whole Foods Wanted to Be More Than a Supermarket, and Therein Lies the Problem

Squeezed by competitors and an activist investor, co-founder John Mackey tries cutting prices and other conventional grocery-store tactics. Looking to shed the ‘Whole Paycheck’ image.

Toronto Home-Price Gains Aren't Sustainable, Poloz Warns

(Bloomberg) -- The speculation increasingly driving Toronto home prices is unsustainable, the head of Canada’s central bank said, warning buyers they should be prepared to weather a potential correction.

My 3-year obsession with one free budgeting app helped me save over $15,000

It's been empowering to know how much money I have available each day.

7 reasons the IRS might audit you

Avoid putting up these red flags.

4 things in your basement that are worth thousands

The junk you've had since 1989 might now be worth a significant amount of money.

Couple that saved $1 million to retire in their 30s share their No. 1 money saving tip

This helped Justin and Kaisorn McCurry get serious about their saving so they could quit work before 40.

Here's the investing advice Jack Bogle gave Tony Robbins

The legendary investor offers some quality tips about entering the market.

This couple saved over $6,000 on their wedding with a clever strategy for serving alcohol

They took a gamble that their guests wouldn't know how frugal they had been with the wine.

Cramer's charts show these biotechs ignoring their 'political red herring'

Jim Cramer looks to Bob Lang's charts to reveal major biotech names that are rallying despite Washington's drug pricing controversy.

Dollar falls, hits session low, after Trump says currency is getting too strong

The dollar fell to session lows on Wednesday after President Donald Trump said he thinks the currency is getting "too strong."

Bond prices higher after Tillerson meets with Russia and 30-yr bond auction

U.S. government debt prices were mixed on Wednesday ahead of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s meeting with his Russian counterpart.

Traders aren't sure they can stomach airline stocks after United scandal

While the scandal has a "massive" impact from both a cultural and commercial perspective, trader Tim Seymour said this will eventually "bubble over."

Americans spend 6 billion hours doing taxes. Better get moving

More than a third of taxpayers still need to file. If you're among them, here's how to maximize deductions, avoid errors and plan for next year.

Former food truck now serves free tax advice

You can't buy a hot dog at this midtown Manhattan truck, but you can count on getting an expert answer to your accounting question.

As tax season winds down, do this now to make 2017 a breeze

If you've already filed for 2016, here's how to get in gear and cut taxes for next year.

That tax refund you were counting on often goes to medical bills

Families often have big medical expenses in March and April that could leave you in worse shape despite that tax refund. How to cope.

Take this secret to the grave, and it'll cost you

Only a third of consumers have told heirs where to find important papers like their will or power of attorney. That poor document management can be costly.

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