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Why Trump was right to relax energy regulations | Opinion

The New York Times announced that “Trump Risks the Planet.” But the evidence suggests otherwise.

Op-Ed: Voting — it's up to us

Growing up, I could not wait to accompany my parents to the voting polls every chance I got. I was, therefore, dismayed to learn how few people vote in loca

Thoughts from Dr. Joe: The sublime 'Beauty' of fairy tales

Did you miss “Thoughts from Dr. Joe” when I took a vacation last week? Don’t answer that.

The Focused Student: The power of physical education

Alot of us — way too many of us — play catch-up as adults when it comes to physical fitness. To give you some idea of the magnitude of the effort

Mailbag: Readers write on traffic safety, leveling campaign playing field and more

Walk Bike Glendale sounds off on News-Press article of March 21, another writer takes on the GNP for allowing campaign endorsements and one reminds of the Armenian Genocide.

Readers sound off on leadership, Measure L

Glendale News-Press letters to the editor, mailbag, letters

Author of book about Armenian Genocide to speak at GCC

The Glendale Community College One Book/One GCC series selection of “Orhan’s Inheritance” by Aline Ohanesian has been the focus of a month of campus events.

A Word, Please: Did the court misrule on a comma rule?

Serial comma fans were giddy recently with the news of a Maine court case that was decided by a missing comma. A group of delivery drivers were suing

In Theory: Trump’s proposed budget includes cuts to foreign aid. What does religion have to say about that?

Religious leaders offer their thoughts on President Trump’s proposed budget and 'The Christian, conservative case for foreign aid.'

In Theory: Lent stretches out from Catholicism

Lent is the 40-day Catholic ritual of self-sacrifice that began March 1. While the purpose of Lent is for Catholics to strengthen their relationship wi

In Theory: Initial exclusion of LGBT veterans group from St. Patrick’s Day prompts swift response

A group of gay and transgender military veterans were temporarily excluded from marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston, prompting a swift response from politicians.

Congress didn't just nuke the filibuster, it permanently politicized the Supreme Court

Removing the filibuster on Supreme Court nominees will only worsen the problem that senators supposedly were aggrieved about.

LGBT conservatives have political clout. It's time they stop using it to enable GOP bigotry

LGBT conservatives might seem like a niche demographic, but there are a lot more of them than you think.

The Bundy family and followers are on trial again. Win or lose in court, theirs is a lost cause

The second set of trials relating to the armed standoff precipitated by Cliven Bundy and his sons is underway in Nevada. Even if the Bundys escape prison, their's is a lost cause.

When it comes to healthcare, Republicans need to take a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm

Even with the health of millions of Americans on the line, most Republicans want to attack the ACA rather than improve it.

What's the most dangerous country in the world to be female? I know firsthand

In Afghanistan, women and girls are threatened inside and outside the home.

Mailbag: A sincere thanks to a Glendale Waste Management driver

Helpful driver I would like to give a shout out to an employee of Glendale Waste Management. I was struggling this morning to get my heavy gree

Op-Ed: Transportation policy in need of radical thinking

With local elections upon us, all concerned citizens should be attending the various forums around town and asking the candidates their most pressing concern

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